What We Do Land

Maximising returns for landowners

Our Land Promotion team brings a holistic approach to residential, commercial, planning, and renewables to deliver success for landowners.

Pigeon is one of the leading land promotion businesses in the UK, through our track record of creating quality schemes with a clear sense of place and character. Our high success rate with planning applications reflects our commitment to the design and engagement stage of the planning process.  We believe that listening to all stakeholders and the community is an essential part of what we do.

I have always been impressed with Pigeon’s tenacity, quality of their planning & technical team, and ability to overcome all obstacles.

Tom Fraser, Development Director Savills



We bring a flexible and collaborative approach to Land Promotion, working with landowners to suit their individual needs and objectives. For Land Promotion projects, we generally offer one of the following options:

Promotion Agreements

We promote the land for development at our own risk and cost for an agreed period of time. When planning permission is granted and the land is marketed and sold, Pigeon and the Landowner share the receipt in agreed proportions.


Option Agreements

As above, we promote the land for development at our own risk and cost. Once planning permission is granted, Pigeon exercises its option to buy the land from the landowner at an agreed discount to market value.


Hybrid Agreements

This is a combination of a promotion agreement and an option agreement and is often used on large strategic sites that may be developed in stages. When planning is granted, Pigeon has the option to buy a fixed part of the site, with the remainder sold on the open market.

Freehold Purchases

On occasion it can take several years for land to come forward for development and Landowners may prefer to realise some value now, in which case Pigeon can purchase the freehold.


Joint Ventures

We promote the land at our own risk and cost. Having achieved planning permission, Pigeon implements the disposal plan for site, sharing in the land price and the development profit in an agreed proportion. Landowner receipts are typically higher in return for sharing the development risk.


Our track record

Our successful land promotion projects span a broad range of opportunities, including green belt land, land under multiple ownerships, land with existing buildings, previously promoted land, and land suitable for mixed-use development.