Resolution to grant planning permission at Tolly Cobbold Brewery, Ipswich

Further to the recent positive planning results at Aldeburgh and Thetford, Pigeon are delighted to confirm plans to restore the iconic Cliff Quay Brewery building on Ipswich waterfront have been granted planning permission. The proposals include a range of community uses, including the possibility of new lecture theatre. Resolution to grant planning permission was also granted for the rest of the Cliff Quay site, which shall include a new supermarket, hotel, offices and residential amongst other uses. Work on the rest of the site will not proceed until restoration of the brewery building is complete.
The site provides an important area to the eastern side of the waterfront, close to the port and the university.
Pigeon are not able to give a firm timescale of when work will start, but have emphasised it will be crucial to sign up tenants for the scheme before work on the brewery building can commence.