Planning Application for Thetford food store

Pigeon and The Crown Estate submit 65,000 sq ft food store application.
Pigeon and The Crown Estate submitted a planning application to Breckland District Council in July 2012 for a new 65,000 sq ft food store and petrol filling station to the north of Thetford. The proposals will form the first stage of the Thetford Enterprise Park (TEP), which is situated to the west of the proposed Sustainable Urban Extension for the town, consisting of 5,000 houses and employment areas.
Public consultation took place in June 2012 with a total of 233 local residents, stakeholders and councillors attending an exhibition in the centre of Thetford. 74% of attendees who returned feed back forms felt that the proposals were good for Thetford. The attendees felt the main benefits to be greater consumer choice and increased competition leading to more competitive food and petrol prices, more employment opportunities both directly at the store and through the opening up of this key employment site.
William van Cutsem, from Pigeon remarked: “The Thetford Enterprise Park is a key employment site for the town. It has been held back by the expensive infrastructure costs required to open the site. A quality food store will provide jobs and most importantly help provide vital infrastructure for the site. The provision of infrastructure on this site will make the delivery of new business premises and jobs achievable. A food store in this location will complement the planned housing growth for Thetford to the north of the town.”
Steve Melligan from The Crown Estate commented: “Our aim is to provide a high quality food store for Thetford. The proposed food store will provide further choice for Thetford residents and it will help open up a key employment site in a tough economic climate.”